Paving the Way Others Do Business???

The BCB thrives on growth and positive feedback for businesses throughout.  It is good to see others follow the business practices that the BCB provides.  On May 1, 2015 the BCB noticed that the BBB has a new link on thier site that allows businesses to compliment thier customers.   A practice that the BCB has encouraged and promoted since day one to businesses everywhere.  It’s good to know that the BCB has made a difference and impact by its business practices that now others use.  It is not only a great way to show respect and the utmost professionalism to your customers but a way to hopefully grow your business.

Paving the way for others to follow.

Are you promoting your Customer?

It is always encouraged to write a good comment about your customer.  Letting them know you respect them and their needs is vital.  Your customers will not only love it, but they will tell everyone how well their contractor was to them.

Complement them today on the BCB and spread the word.

Some say “ranting” on your customer to be negative.

First, keep in mind that we highly promote reporting of bad and fraudulent businesses, so why would we not highly promote the same to those who hurt the business economy.

Providing knowledgeable, honest information is a great way to protect yourself from harm.  Is Ranting a way to put it.  Letting others know of your headaches that have placed harm and hardship on you not only allows you to have a voice, but a way of allowing others to understand you point and story.  Everyone deserves to have a voice and the voice that tells the truth will prevail in the future.  Not all the time those who are telling the truth recieve justice, but in turn seem to end up sustaining even more hardship.  It is noted that due to businesses not wanting the long agony of stress seem to end up letting those go with a somewhat called victory.  However, is this really a victory or a way to allow the next opportunity to be taken.

Ranting, _ itching, complaining, or however you wish to state the person trying to voice their story in their way is so much needed in order to allow that person to release stress, get their side of the story out and hopefully protect the next victim that comes along.

This is a 2 sided street and both sides need to be able to protect themselves, tell their story without back lash, and for justice to be won on the side of those in the right.  This however does not happen that much or at all in today’s economy.



With many businesses facing non-payments it is noted that they feel if they go after what is owed then it will only hurt them even more. I encourage every business owner who has or hasn’t faced this in their time to atleast provide a comment (respectful one) and lets try to understand the system and mindframe.

MN Company hit hard…

As a General Contractor and I have been providing services since 2002 in Minnesota. I have had a great 14 years of service here at the company, however this last 1 1 /2 years has taken a complete toll on me and my company.

It started off with tax hikes, then it lead to 4 customers not paying for the work that was completed.

1 filed bakruptsy, 1 chose to make the job site unsafe and stopped payment on the check, another ordered $39,000 in windows and gave 21,000 down, but now don’t want them and wants the money back, another was a $60,000 window job and the customer refused to pay.

This economy is becoming very unsafe and customers who know how to use the system are good and it leaves the business having to suffer and pay. Not only did they not pay, they use avenues of lies and deceitfulness to get out of paying by making false claims in which turned around and place the company in even harder situations which costs them even more money for doing the right thing. This system that was made to support companies is corrupt.

I hope the BCB will help in finding a way for businesses to recieve justice for once.