MN Company hit hard…

As a General Contractor and I have been providing services since 2002 in Minnesota. I have had a great 14 years of service here at the company, however this last 1 1 /2 years has taken a complete toll on me and my company.

It started off with tax hikes, then it lead to 4 customers not paying for the work that was completed.

1 filed bakruptsy, 1 chose to make the job site unsafe and stopped payment on the check, another ordered $39,000 in windows and gave 21,000 down, but now don’t want them and wants the money back, another was a $60,000 window job and the customer refused to pay.

This economy is becoming very unsafe and customers who know how to use the system are good and it leaves the business having to suffer and pay. Not only did they not pay, they use avenues of lies and deceitfulness to get out of paying by making false claims in which turned around and place the company in even harder situations which costs them even more money for doing the right thing. This system that was made to support companies is corrupt.

I hope the BCB will help in finding a way for businesses to recieve justice for once.