Businesses affected by customers? What are the businesses saying?

Have you ever been affected by a customer.  We would like businesses to tell us thier story.

8 thoughts on “Businesses affected by customers? What are the businesses saying?”

  1. david and goliath

    the big corps can screw you over big time
    and a person has no way to stop them

    govt ensures some fairness in disputes

  2. david and goliath..

    the big corps can screw you over big time
    and a person has no way to stop them

    govt ensures some fairness in disputes

  3. It’s been this way for the last 45 years.1% or more of revenue is put back to pay for the annual unhappy customer(s).

  4. I do think that with social media that some of the reporting outlets should be more careful and screen complaints closer.

  5. I had a customer that happily purchased from me as he said I was clearly the only sales rep that wanted his business. He passes the 3 day Right to Rescind period. He scheduled for the final measure technician. Let him in he home to measure. We custom-manufactured the windows. He agreed to an installation date. We arrived to install, he turns us away at the door. My guys all lost a day’s wages. This happens a 2nd time, another crew lost wages.
    We call to reschedule a 3rd date and he agrees. He tells the crew that we have 2 hours to complete a 10 window install. They say it cannot be done that fast. He turns them away, yet again. Every contact was documented.

    Ultimately, we end up in the Magistrate’s office. The customer simply says, “I took another bid to have the windows done”. We state all the intentional games he played, wasted time and resources, that he did not rescind in legal time, nor ever until just now. No chance we lose, right?

    The Magistrate rules in his favor. We had to give back his deposit and “eat” the windows.

    After the meeting, we’re talking in parking lot, then the customer comes walking out of the Magistrate’s personal entrance. We check… Customer is a State Trooper.

    I lost 2 customer opportunities in dealing with this and lost my commission earnings. I wanted the Mag fired and to pay us for all costs…. only in a fair system would that happen.

  6. This is happening in Australia as well,it’s called the Customer is always right.and that stinks what happened to you.I wonder why no one else wanted his business.There is no fair systems .A builder I was doing work for didn’t like the bricks been laid ,he contacted the builder .
    The builder met him on site with the manager from the brick makers,the customer didn’t like the bricks he chose ,he was told that is the design of the brick and if he wanted them changed it will be a three month delay.The customer said no because he wanted to move in before Xmas
    The customer signed the paper work to resume work, so before the seven years was up for the home owners warranty to finish the builder gets a letter from the Department of Fair Trading . Someone at the department told the builder they will take care of it,Wrong
    The builder had to go to court,the magistrate found it in favour of the home owner and the builder was told, If you knew the customer wasn’t happy with the bricks in the first place,it is your responsibility.You should not have continued with the bricklaying as the customer wanting to move in before Xmas. You should have offered him different bricks .The builder was ordered to pay $120,000 dollars to the customer ,which he gets to keep the bricks, and $60,000.00 legal fees and court fees.This has opened my eyes and I found lot of the contracts are not worth the paper they are written on.

    Be careful of customers trying to get you to do a jobs out of the standard because you are always responsible whether a customer signs you paper work.

  7. People talk about shady contractors… But no one hears about the shady customers! I’ve had customers just refuse to pay the final amount and threaten to trash our companies online reputation if I pursued trying to get paid.. Sometimes its easier to take a hit and walk away. But the customers shouldn’t get away with it. Contractors need to be protected too. Thanks for the work you do!

  8. This is great. Several years ago I thought about starting something similar, as I had met enough customers who were trashing contractors and not paying them and then actually repeating it again. Keep it up.

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