Has your mind ever EXPLODED?

Being a business owner, there is so much involved when taking on a new client and a new project. How do you insure a successful transition from start to finish to gain that overall SATISFACTION.

8 thoughts on “Has your mind ever EXPLODED?”

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Then put it all in writing. Make them sign it! But even then, sometimes, when a customer is really difficult, walk away and don’t even deal with them. I have learned this in the last 37 years of service work.

  2. Martha,
    have you ever dealt with a customer who was easy to deal with in the beginning, but found it to be a different story once the project was placed into action? Of course you don’t walk away at this point, yes-no.

  3. No you wouldn’t walk away, but you could pull out your signed paper work with the agreement on what and how it was to be done and how much it would cost and discuss the issue. If it is something not covered in writing, then you will have to try and negotiate to resolve the issue.

  4. I think this type of thing seems to be happening more and more lately . Its all ok these cowboy builder programs on TV but what about us tradesman that strive to do the job properly and end up with the customers from hell.I think there are so many out there that know there rights and have no intention of paying from the word go. It seems to be the way of the world these days.

  5. Stick with the customers you know. Paying customers!!! I always say I make more money staying home. Y???? Cause I don’t end up with someone I don’t know and Doesn’t Pay.

  6. Hi all, home owners like the personal touch. As an owner installer myself, I try to keep it hands on, they love it. Employees don’t always share your dedication. It;s a tough balance to keep them happy, when you’re not there. Experience has taught me that a lot of people have been wronged by a contractor, and then, project that onto you, but if you give them the best you can provide for the price they, will come around. Robert, I know what you mean about the tv shows they try to make it look simple, but, don’t show what’s really going on, behind the scenes, by the way, bathrooms are one of my favorites.

  7. There is a legal answer and a customer service answer to Roberts question. Legally, if you have a very good reason to believe that your client is going to breach then you have the right to breach yourself….we all go to court at that point. The better answer is to take them out for a coffee or whatever and explain and listen. At that point you could make some minor changes to the contract if needed. Keep them up to speed with the project on both the contracting side and an accounting side.

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