Our Mission Statement

To ensure the greatest satisfactions between businesses and customers through greater transparency and improved access to essential business information.


We want to see businesses thrive in their communities, form productive customer relationships, and create the opportunities that strengthen the american workforce.

Our Core Values


We believe in the power of relationships and the commitment to a job well done.


We honor the fulfillment of agreed services and exceeding expectations.


We advocate for fair and transparent transactions reaching the desired results for all involved.


We enable business that take pride in their work to find customers who appreciate skill and experience.


We aim to connect businesses with customers who share a focus on quality outcomes.


We are here to give voice to those speaking out against delinquent behavior in the market.

BCB Goals

  • Provide organizations the professional and consumer insights to make the best business decisions.
  • Share the tools and resources central to business success.
  • Help businesses develop protection plans suited for the states they operate within.
  • Promote greater satisfaction between business and their customers.
  • Foster strong industry relationships to promote the sharing of information and improve service outcomes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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For Businesses

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For Consumers