Is there State funding available for businesses (protection fund for businesses)?

No.  State agencies do not offer protection funds for businesses when consumers fraudulently abuse or don't pay for services rendered. 

How does the BCB offer support to businesses?

The BCB only allows businesses to report customers by telling their side in a respectful professional manner.  The BCB provides helpful TOOLS for businesses success and growth.  is accomplished by every BCB member working together to help grow the TOOLS that others may not be aware of.

Does the BCB discriminate or place accreditations on businesses?

No.  The BCB respects each business and therefore by placing accreditations or grades on a business only discredits that business.  Unlike other firms, the BCB is here to help the business grow, not allow a business to pay for a customer to hinder the quality and professionalism of that business.

What is the BCB's Moto?   

"Where Trust and Support are Key". The BCB Standards for honest and trustworthy practices.  Both consumers and businesses should work together.  Each party has something to lose when money is envolved in an agreement.  Being one sided is not a good practice and both sides should work together in an open, honest, professional manner to accomplish the end result.

Does the BCB provide legal advise or work on behalf of the business?

NO.  The BCB does not provide legal advice or work on behalf of the business.  The BCB is merely a tool for business resources.  

Does the BCB provide its service in all states?

Yes, The BCB is a trademarked company and provides services Nationwide.

How does the BCB work?

The BCB is a database used by thousands of businesses nationwide.  Businesses use the BCB to file COMPLIMENTS, VERIFY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, AND FILE COMPLAINTS. By using this database, it allows businesses to work together in protecting each other.

Does the BCB collect complaints from businesses to customers only?

No.  The BCB allows Businesses to file complaints from:

         1.   Businesses against customers

         2.   Businesses against Businesses (or subcontractors)